Smarter, and faster too.
Intelligent bots, virtual agents, automated proactive engagement, mobile engagement and accessible knowledge expand your workforce, helping customers find answers quickly and move effortlessly between self-service and agent-assisted support.
cxi platform
Let’s talk digital.
Your customers are digital. Their journey starts on a device. Now you can meet them there. Extend your reach to the earliest customer need, on any channel or device.
Conversational AI & Chatbots

Have your own bot? Bring it seamlessly into your
unified experience with ease! Need a bot? We
can help you there too!

Knowledge that’s literally everywhere
Your customer’s journey begins with a search. Meet them there and ensure they receive the right content, wherever they are.
Start intelligent conversations
It’s a whole new era of proactive engagement where you know to contact your customer before they even know they need you.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Accelerate resolution, improve routing, and cut costs with integrated interactive voice self-service.
Self-Service Analytics
Understand what works, and what doesn’t! Ensure you know where your customers hit points of frustration and opt out when they could have easily resolved their issue on their own.
Service that’s a lot smarter. And a lot faster.
Accelerate and streamline customer self-service with smarter technology. See how NICE CXone takes great care of your customers.
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“Our customers are delighted with the outstanding job NICE did helping us route calls more effectively.”
Selina Cheng
Contact Center Director Big ABC Industries
The right information, at the right time.
Faster self-service leads to better experiences. CXone helps customers find what they’re looking for, while moving seamlessly between self-service and live agents.
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Digital fluency done right! Smarter digital self-service experiences

Achieve the best customer experience and self-service success rates possible. See how NICE CXone is revolutionizing self-service by managing customer journeys where they really begin—starting at a search—and guiding customers to the most relevant self-service or proactive engagement with smarter bots across any channel.

Spot the bot quiz

Let’s have some fun! Can you tell the difference between what’s human and AI in these examples?

Product Videos

Top 10 digital contact center innovations

Great customer experience and customer satisfaction begins by giving your customers the control they want and expect, here are some new ways businesses are reaching their customers.